API - Create User


API to create user in the WiFiLAN database 

Form URL :

Host : WiFiLAN server host address e.g. https://w1.wifi-soft.com

Path : wifilan/api

Api   : create_freeuser.php

So your action URL will be as below :



Params :

Parameter Name Constraint Description
req_customercode Required Your customer code in WiFiLAN. Login to WiFiLAN admin dashboard, and go to profile section.
req_action Required Value = create
req_locationid Required Hotpot Id in WiFiLAN. Login to WiFiLAN admin dashboard. Go to Authentication -> Hotspots section.
req_planid Required Plan Id in WiFiLAN. Login to WiFiLAN admin dashboard. Go to Billing -> Plans section.
req_username Required Username that you would like to create. This should be unique in the system
req_password Required 6 alphanumeric character password for the username
req_repassword Required Re-enter the password for confirmation
req_firstname Required First name of the user
req_lastname Requried Last name of the user
req_email Optional Email address of the user
req_address Optional Address for the user
req_city Optional City for the address field
req_state Optional State for the address field
req_zipcode Optional Zipcode for the address field
req_homephone  Optional Home phone number for the user
req_cellphone Optional Cell phone number for the user
req_workphone Optional Work phone number of the user
req_aptnumber Optional Room or apt number of the user


Return Params :

The API returns all the request params as it is along with following two params,

  1. ret_code :
    1. 0 : It means the API has successfully processed the request.
    2. -ve : It means there is some error and its message is returned in following param.
  2. ret_message : Error message


Note :

You can post request to this API by normal form post method or you can also use AJAX method to call the API. In case of AJAX, the API returns json object.

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