How to build an external captive portal with UniBox?


The HTML script below is the simple login script for UniBox controller. This HTML code will have to insert in the externally hosted login page. 

The external URL will have to be configured in UniBox external captive portal field and you will need to add the domain name of the URL in the passthrough URLs for UniBox.





<form name="ubloginform" accept-charset="ISO-8859-1"

action="" method="post">

 <input type="hidden" name="welcomeurl" value="">

 <input type="hidden" name="popup" value="1">

 <input type="hidden" name="analytics" value="0">

 <input type="hidden" name="button" value="Login" />


<tr><td>Username: </td><td><input type="hidden" name="username"></td></tr>

<tr><td>Password:</td><td><input type="hidden" name="password"></td></tr>

<tr><td colspan=2 align=center><input type="submit" value="Please Login"></td></tr>







Parameter Name Value Description
username user@realm The username needs to be enter here in the user@realm format. Programmer can write a simple javascript to automatically append realm to the username so the end user will not have to type the complete username
password   The password for the end user. The password is case sensitive
button Login This field is required to instruct UniBox to process the Login request
popup 0 or 1 If value is 1, then UniBox will display the session popup which will show the session information like online time, bandwidth upload/download, etc
analytics 0 or 1 If this value is 1, then UniBox will collect end client analytics
welcomeurl   Enter the URL where the user will be redirected after successful login
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