API - Get the prepaid usage report


This section explains how to retrieve the prepaid usage history for the users.



API Request

Following parameters need to be passed to the API

Parameter Name Constraint Description
cc required Unique customer code/password. You will find the customer code under Admin -> Profile section
d required

The date for the report. YYYY-MM-DD format

e.g. 2015-11-01


API Response

The response is passed based in CSV format. You will need to parse the JSON format and convert in the format desired.

Parameter Name Description
Date The date of the report
Prepaid Code The prepaid code used by the users
Phone Number In case the user has entered his phone number, this field will contains the phone number of the user
Total Usage Bytes The total bytes used by the prepaid code
Usage Time The total time used by the prepaid code
Activation Date The date and time when the prepaid code was activated
Expiry Date The date and time when the code is set to expire
Total Clients The total number of clients/devices who used the code
Total Sessions The total number of sessions for the code



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