List of compatible hotspot gateways/controllers and firmwares

The following is the list of compatible hotspot gateways/controllers


No Vendor Name Hardware Model Config Guide
1 Wifi-soft UniBox  View Guide
2 Wifi-soft CloudMax APs (Smart AP) View Guide
3 Colubris / HP MSM 710, 730, 760 View Guide
4 Nomadix  AG 2400, 5800, 3100, 5600 View Guide
5 Mikrotik RouterOS  View Guide
6 Ruckus vSCG View Guide
7 Ruckus Zone Director View Guide
8 Ruckus AP View Guide
9 Aruba  Controller Mode View Guide
10 Cisco WLC 4402, 4404 View Guide
11 Zyxel  VSG 1000/1200, G-4100 (v2), WSG-100 View Guide
12  Cradlepoint CBR 400, MBR 1400, ARC MBR 1400, COR IBR 600        View Guide
13 Openmesh OM2P, OM5P, MR900 View Guide
14 Altai A3 Smart WiFi, A1 View Guide
15 Valuepoint 3610, 3600 and older View Guide
16 Meraki Cloud Controller View Guide


In addition, WiFiLAN supports the following firmwares. These firmwares can be flash into any compatible access points to convert them into hotspot AP.

No Vendor Name Hardware Model View Guide
1 DD-WRT All Supported APs View Guide
2 Coova Chilli All Supported APs View Guide
3 Wifi-soft All supported APs View Guide
4 m0n0wall All supported APs View Guide


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