Configuring portal page defaults

This section allows you to pre-define standard settings for the captive portals. Since WiFiLAN requires you to create a separate captive portal for each hotspot, it becomes tedious to design captive portal from scratch.

If you plan to have standard designs for your hotspots and have some common settings for each portal, then you can define these settings in this section. 

When a new portal is designed, WiFiLAN will apply the default settings to each captive portal being designed thus saving the efforts to create each portal from scratch.


To configure the default values, please do the following -

1. Go to Portal -> Default page

2.Edit the settings as shown below


Gateway - Select the default gateway/controller for the portal page

Language - Select the default language. If any language is missing from the list, please contact Wifi-soft.

Next you need to select the default portal type. Portal types decide what login options are available to the users. Each login option can be further customized where user will be prompted to select plan and fields for capturing user information.


  1. Paid + Username/Password: This is a paid option. Users will have to select one of the paid plans and register to create an account. Payments can be done using credit card or PayPal
  2. Prepaid: This is an access code option. User need to get/purchase access code (random 10 digit number) and enter it here
  3. Complimentary Free Access (Clickthrough) - Simple Terms & Conditions access page
  4. Free Access with User Info Capture - Free access after user enters personal information like email, name or phone number
  5. SMS - SMS login method. User enters his/her phone number and then receives a PIN/OTP code on the mobile phone. The PIN is entered to validate the phone number. This is a requirement in many countries
  6. Social Media - User uses his/her facebook, twitter, linkedin or google account to gain access to the Internet. User's public profile information is captured during the process


Next you need to customize the login page look-and-feel - 


Logo - upload your customer or your logo

Logo Link - enter the link to open on clicking the logo (the URL should be in passthrough list)

Partner logo - upload additional logo (displayed on right side) of your partner. Optional

Site image - upload a background image of your hotspot venue


Next, configure the other parameters and advertisement options (if enabled)


Support Number: Enter the support phone number

Welcome URL - URL where the user will be redirected on successful login

Login Cookies - If enabled, WiFiLAN will try to store your login cookie on the device so users dont have to keep logging in each time

Prelogin Ads - Enable prelogin ads for the captive portal

Postlogin Ads - Enable advertisements after successful login

Banner Ads - Enable option to show a banner ads on the login/captive page

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