Creating prepaid voucher/code captive portal


This section introduces how to setup a prepaid / Access code login portal using WiFiLAN portal design. Prepaid or Access codes are random 10 digit numbers that can be handed to users who wish to access Internet. 

These codes are generated in WiFiLAN under Billing -> Prepaid section. Administrators can create different batches of access codes and maintain an inventory of these codes. These codes are usually given to the guest during check-ins or when the guest requests them. Each code will be configured with some restrictions to limit the usage of Internet service.


Creating Portal

To create prepaid login portal, you need to click on the Portal -> Add option. Please follow the steps to configure a prepaid login portal.

Step 1:

Select the location/hotspot for the captive portal.



Select the type of hotspot controller/gateway for the captive portal. This option will decide the login script for the portal. Please select the correct option.

If you dont have the model listed, select the one closest to that model. Most vendors have similar login script for their gateways.

Next select your portal language. English is set by default.

Next select the type of portal. In this case, select the prepaid option.



Next, upload your logo and partner logo. If you want to apply a background image, please select the background image option and upload your background image.


Lastly, select the Terms & Conditions option if you want the user to accept T&C before getting access. Upload your T&C in the text area. Enter the footer text.

If you want to display the support number, select the option and enter your support number.

Finally, enter the welcome URL (URL displayed on successful login). This is a mandatory field.


Save the portal. Once the portal is saved, a URL will be generated on the List portal page. You need to use this URL when configuring your respective controller/gateway.

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