Autologin (MAC Authentication) Explained

Autologin or MAC Authentication is a preferred way to authenticate who don't have web browser or GUI to authenticate themselves on WiFi hotspots/networks. Autologin is also used to automatically allow the end-user devices (smartphones, tablets or laptops) to get online bypassing the login page or captive portal.

IMPORTANT: This feature needs to be supported by the hotspot gateway/controller.

When this feature is enabled on hotspot gateway, the gateway will send the MAC address of the end-user device to the RADIUS server for validation. If the MAC address is registered under Autologin section, the RADIUS server will authenticate the end user's device. The end-user will not see the captive portal and will be able to start browsing without redirection.

Autologin can be used along with Auto MAC Capture option. In case of Auto MAC capture, WiFiLAN automatically captures the user's MAC address when the user logs in for the first time. All subsequent logins are done with the user's device MAC address. This feature is especially important for smartphones and tablets since users tend to use WiFi connectivity intermittently. Since these devices frequently connect and disconnect from the network, the Autologin feature helps users get connected to WiFi hotspots without having to frequently authenticate via the splash page.

WiFiLan provides admin to auto login of Mac addresses defined in the AAA database. A friendly name and a group name should be assigned to the Mac Address.

List Autologin

To view the autologin list

  1. Click the List Auto Login tab under AutoLogin link (in the left pane). AutoLogin page is displayed.

List Autologin

List AutoLogin Table

Fields and Buttons


Friendly Name/ UserName

Friendly Name/ UserName field displays the name of the autologin entry.

Mac Address

Mac Address field displays the Mac address.

Expiry Date

Expiry Date field displays the expiry date of the autologin.


Status field displays whether the autologin entry is active or inactive.


Click the blue button to edit the details of the Access Point.

Click the red button to delete the details of the Access Point.

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