Exporting prepaid vouchers

WiFiLAN provides two options for exporting prepaid cards. The CSV (comma separate values) format is used for exporting coupon codes to other applications. The list of cards exported in this format can be imported in Excel document and proceeds as needed.

 Administrators can also export list of coupon codes in PDF format. WiFiLAN generates a Professional looking PDF document contains the coupon codes that can be directly sent to Printer for printing.

 To export prepaid coupons

  1. Click Billing drop down link (in the left pane).
  2. Click List Prepaid Codes tab under Prepaid link (in the left pane). Prepaid Codes page will be displayed.
  3. Click the Export Export Prepaid Batch page will be displayed.
  4. Select the user location from the User Location drop down menu.
  5. Click Select button. Export in CSV Format and Export in PDF Format buttons will appear. Click on the desired format you want to export the prepaid code coupons.

Click on eye icon to view all the prepaid codes under the given batch.


Next click on the Export button on the top of the page.

The next page will provide two options to export the prepaid vouchers as shown below -


To export the prepaid codes in CSV/Excel format, click on the first button.

To export the prepaid codes in PDF format, please click on the PDF button. Save the file on your disk to print or distribute it.

Here's an example of the exported PDF file


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