Hotspot billing using PayPal

This section explains how to setup hotspot billing using PayPal Standard payment option.

The PayPal Standard payment option is the simplest payment option and is relatively easy to setup. All you need is your PayPal ID. The ID is usually your login username to paypal admin dashboard.


Step 1: Configure PayPal in WiFiLAN

To configure PayPal payment gateway, please go to Billing -> Admin section.

Click on the Gateway tab to configure the payment gateway.

From the drop-down list, select the PayPal.Std option and press Select.

Enter your PayPal ID and currency code as shown below. Please note that the currency code should be one supported by PayPal. Following currency codes (case sensitive) are supported USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, JPY, MXN, SGD, NZD, HKD, ILS, SEK and more.

Please change the PayPal ID to your one.


Step 2: Configure Billing Plans

Configure the billing plans for paid portal by going to the Billing -> Plans section.

For Paid plan, you need to get a plan group that will contain one or more plans. The plan group will be applied to the captive portal and all the plans under the plan group will be listed on the captive portal.

To create paid billing plans, click on new plan and select the paid plan type

On the next page, select a plan group or create a new plan group using the + button.

Enter the details of the plan including the plan description. The plan description will be listed on the captive portal. 

Add remaining plans to the same plan group.


Step 3: Creating captive portal

Next create a paid captive portal and select the newly added plan group for the portal. To learn to create a paid portal, refer to Designing a paid captive portal page


Step 4: Configure the gateway/controller with passthrough/wall garden links

Once the WiFiLAN setup is done, you need to configure the gateway/controller with passthrough URLs or wall garden links. These links are needed because the user needs to visit PayPal website to make the payment. Please add the following URLs to the passthrough URL list in the network gateway/controller


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