API - retrieving registered user information


This section explains how to retrieve user's registration information for users within specific dates and for specific location.



API Request

Following parameters need to be passed to the API

Parameter Name Constraint Description
cc required Unique customer code/password. You will find the customer code under Admin -> Profile section
sd optional

Start Date for the query. YYYY-MM-DD format

e.g. 2015-11-01

ed optional

End Date for the query. YYYY-MM-DD format

e.g. 2015-11-02

hid optional

Hotspot ID. If this parameter is passed, the sessions will be filtered using the ID. Location ID can be found under Authentication -> Hotspot -> List Hotspots section.

ut optional

Type of user. If specified, only the specific user type will be returned. Following user types are supported

  • FREE
  • PAID
  • DC (data capture)
  • SMS


API Response

The response is passed based in JSON format. You will need to parse the JSON format and convert in the format desired.

Parameter Name Description
UserName Username who has logged in
Full Name The full name (firstname lastname) of the user
Email The email address of the user
Address Address Information
City Name of user's city
State Name of user's state
Zipcode Zipcode where user's belongs
Country Name of the user's country
Home Phone The home phone number of the user in complete international format
Cell Phone The cell phone of the user
Plan Name The name of the plan currently associated with the user
Signup Date The date and time when the user had signed up. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format
Expiry Date The expiry date and time of the user in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format

The current status of the user. Following statuses are supported

  • Active: The user's account is current active
  • Expired: The user's account has expired
  • Unverified: The user has registered for an account but has not logged in yet
  • Suspended: The user's account is temporarily suspended
User Type

The type of user.

Following user types are supported

  • FREE
  • PAID
  • DC (data capture)
  • SMS
Location Name

The hotspot venue where the user is registered or where the account was created.




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