How to apply URL blocking or content filter in UNIBOX?

Before enabling content filter you should enable the proxy settings.

To enable proxy settings

  1. Open web browser. Type (gateway IP), or type name) and press Enter.
  2. UNIBOX Administration screen appears. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Click Caching/Proxy link (in the left pane) under Caching/Proxy link. Tools :: Caching/Proxy page appears.

  4. Select the Enable Proxy check box to enable proxy service in UNIBOX

  5. Select the Enable Caching check box to enable the caching service in UNIBOX

  6. Enter the timeout in Cache Timeout field after which a cache page is considered obsolete. It should not be greater than 30 days. If not entered it takes default value is 24 hrs. The time unit options are Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days.

  7. Enter the storage limit for caching web pages in the Cache Limit UNIBOX will store webpage locally until this limit is reached. The default value is 512 MB.

  8. Click the Save button to save the Caching/Proxy settings.

When the proxy is enabled

  1. Click Control tab.
  2. Click on Content Filter link (in the left pane) under Content Filter Control :: Content Filter page appears.

  3. Click the Enable Content Filter check box

  4. Enter the URL of the website which should be displayed to the user when a site is blocked in the Redirect URL

  5. Click Submit button to save the changes.

UNIBOX allows administrator to select the domains that need to be filtered or blocked by content filter. Blocked domain’s URLs will not be accessible for the UNIBOX client Users.

  1.  Click the Manage Domains link (in the left pane). Control :: Manage Domains page appears.

  2. Select the check box for the domains that should be filtered or blocked. Administrators can select any number of domains in the block list under the Configure Content Filter Domains

  3. Click Submit to save the content filter configuration.

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