Designing data capture portal


Data Capture portals are portal/landing pages that provide the user an option to enter personal data like Email Address, Phone Number, etc to get access to the Internet.

Data Capture portals prompt the user to enter their email address or other information on the login page before getting free Internet access. The data collected by data capture portals can be later used for direct email marketing or profiling customers.


Setting up data capture plan

Before setting up the captive portal, you need to add a portal plan for data capture portal. This plan will decide the restrictions on user's free session. Admin can configure time, bandwidth, device and concurrency restrictions on the plan.

For example, if you want the user's free session to last for 1 hour, you need to create a 1 hour free plan.

Please refer to different types of billing plans for more information

To add a click-through plan, click on Billing -> Plan option. Click on New Plan tab. Select the options as shown below. These options are for plan with time restrictions. You can select bandwidth option as well.


On the next page, enter the details of your plan.


Save the above plan.


Creating Portal

Once the data capture plan is added, you need to click on the Portal -> Add option. This page will guide you to create a data capture portal using the plan created above.

Step 1:

Select the location/hotspot for the captive portal.



Select the type of hotspot controller/gateway for the captive portal. This option will decide the login script for the portal. Please select the correct option.

If you dont have the model listed, select the one closest to that model. Most vendors have similar login script for their gateways.

Next select the type of portal. In this case, select the 'Free Access with User Info Capture' option. You will also need to select the plan associated with the portal. The plan will decide the restrictions for free access.

In addition, you can select the user information fields to capture during the registration process. The fields that are checked will be displayed to the user during the registration process.


Next, upload your logo and partner logo. If you want to apply a background image, please select the background image option and upload your background image.


Lastly, select the Terms & Conditions option if you want the user to accept T&C before getting access. Upload your T&C in the text area. Enter the footer text.

If you want to display the support number, select the option and enter your support number.

Finally, enter the welcome URL (URL displayed on successful login). This is a mandatory field.

Save the portal. Once the portal is saved, a URL will be generated on the List portal page. You need to use this URL when configuring your respective controller/gateway.

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