How to create prepaid vouchers

Following steps will help you in creating new vouchers -

1. Create a voucher plan

2. Assign restrictions to the voucher plan

3. Create a new voucher group

4. Add new batch of vouchers to the group

5. Export the batch of created vouchers

Step 1:

To create a new voucher plan, please click on Billing section and then on Plans section.



select the plan type as voucher

Select the plan restrictions as per your requirements. You can select three type of plan restrictions:

1. Time-Based (Continuous use): These plans will expire after the specified time duration irrespective of the usage. 

2. Time Based (Non-continuous use): These plans will provide certain period of time usage which can be used in non-continuous fashion.

3. Data Based (Non-continuous use): These plans will provide data/quota for the given time duration. This plan can be used in non-continuous fashion


The next screen will provide the restrictions to be imposed on the plan. The options are made available based on the restrictions.


In the image above, Time-based continuous use was selected. The admin can set the validity of the plan and set the other parameters for the plan.


Step 2: Create a voucher group


Voucher group will allow admin to create multiple batches under the same voucher group. Admin can define the voucher group once and keep using the voucher group each time a batch of vouchers is generated.

To generate a new voucher group, 

a. click on the voucher section in the main menu

b. Click on the New Voucher tab

c. Click on the + button to popup a new dialog box for the new voucher group


Define a friendly name for the voucher group

Select the plan for the voucher group. All vouchers generated under this group will inherit the restrictions and other session parameters of the voucher plan

Finally, select the location if the voucher needs to be used for one hotspots. If you dont select the Location, it will be valid for all locations.


Step 3: Generate a new voucher batch for the selected voucher group

To enter the batch number, 

a. click on the new prepaid menu

b. click on the new voucher

c. Select the newly created voucher group

d. Enter the friendly name for the batch.

e. Select the other parameters as required



Once the batch with requested parameters are requested, the codes will be added to the given voucher group.

To view the voucher generated, click on the eye (details) button on the list voucher page

Search for the given batch name to view the codes generated for the specific batch number.






Once the vouchers are displayed on the screen, they can exported out in Excel or CSV file.



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