How to create prepaid vouchers


To create prepaid vouchers:

  1. Click Prepaid link under Billing tab.
  2. Click New Prepaid Group tab. New Prepaid Group page appears.

     3. Select the Location Required check box to restrict any prepaid voucher batch to any particular location.

     4. Select one check box for Prepaid Type. There are 6 types of prepaid checkbox:

  • Usage Time
  • Bandwidth
  • Specific Dates
  • Number Of Sessions
  • Number Of Days
  • Total Clients

     5. Select one Activation Type radio button. The options are:

  • Activation on First Use
  • Activate Immediately
  • Activation on Specific Date

     6. Click Submit. New Prepaid Group page will appear.

     7. Enter the number of codes in the Number of Codes field

     8. Enter a name in the Prepaid Group Name field.

     9. Enter the User Group in the User Group field.

    10. Enter the fees in the Per Code Fees ($) field.

    11. Enter the time in minutes in the Total Duration (Mins) field.

    12. Click Submit.


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