API - get user session summary


This section explains how to retrieve the summary information for user's session over a given time period.



API Request

Following parameters need to be passed to the API

Parameter Name Constraint Description
cc required Unique customer code/password. You will find the customer code under Admin -> Profile section
sd optional

Start Date for the query. YYYY-MM-DD format

e.g. 2015-11-01

ed optional

End Date for the query. YYYY-MM-DD format

e.g. 2015-11-02

hid optional

Hotspot ID. If this parameter is passed, the sessions will be filtered using the ID. Location ID can be found under Authentication -> Hotspot -> List Hotspots section.

API Response

The response is passed based in JSON format. You will need to parse the JSON format and convert in the format desired.

Parameter Name Description
Device Name Name of the hotspot
Location Name The name of the venue where the hotspot is installed
Report Date The date (YYYY-MM-DD) for which the summary is calculated
Session Count The total number of sessions for the given date for the hotspot
Total Upload The total number of bytes uploaded during the day for the given hotspot
Total Download The total number of bytes downloaded during the day for the given hotspot
Total Session Time The total time in seconds all the users were online for the given day and for given hotspot




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