How to configure SMS Advertisements in UNIBOX?

UNIBOX allows administrators to configure the SMS advertisement feature. Administrator can enable/disable this feature, and can also specify interval after which SMS Engine will start sending SMS Ads to all logged in users.


To Configure Advertisements:

  1. Open web browser. Type (gateway IP), or type name) and press Enter.
  2. UNIBOX Administration screen appears. Click Authentication tab.
  3. Click SMS Ads link (in the left pane) under SMS link. Authentication:: Ads Configuration page will appear.

  4. Select the Enable SMS advertisement feature check box to enable the Ads configuration fields.

  5. Enter the time interval in the Interval between Ads field. Select the time period from the drop down menu the options are:

  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days

  6. Enter the number of ads the user will receive in the Ads to deliver field.

  7. Select the radio button for Send Ads. When you select after each login radio button, the user will receive ads whenever he logins. When you select once radio button, the user will receive the ads only once.

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