Products and Services overview

Wifi-soft is an award-winning, highest rated hardware and software solutions provider for the hotspot and wireless ISP industry.

The Products are:



UNIBOX is an intelligent access controller that can be deployed as a hotspot gateway or as a BYOD appliance. UNIBOX is built on a state-of-the-art software architecture that provides it unmatched flexibility and scalability. UNIBOX can be installed in hotels, shopping malls, conference centers, schools & colleges, offices and other public places for managing public access networks. UNIBOX is all-in-one solution combining hotspot gateway with management services like AAA, billing, captive portals and reporting into a single appliance. UNIBOX is available in wide range of models to cater to networks of any size.



  • Reliable and Secure:

Enable captive portal and authentication

Track user access and enforce login policies

  • Unified Management:

Access control and hotspot management on one appliance.

Simple, intuitive web user interface for centralized management.

  • Lawful Session Tracking:

Track user data, and access history.

Store accessed URL for legal compliance.

  • Branded Captive Portals:

Develop branded captive portals with custom logo and design.

Supports a wide range of access methods.

  • Advanced Bandwidth Mgmt:

Control bandwidth speed and quota for individual user or group.

Enforces policies and rules to ensure fair usage of bandwidth

Other Features:

  • Hotspot Controller

Wired/ Wireless Access Gateway

Captive Portal

Built-in RADIUS/ AAA

Hotspot Billing

Load Balancing and Failover

On-board User Management

DHCP Server

  • BYOD

SNAC based BYOD implementation

Binding username with registered devices

Automatic MAC login

Approval/ Audit of registered BYOD

Limiting access to a server pool

Group based routing

Guest traffic isolation

  • Bandwidth Control

Per-user rate limiting

Group-based bandwidth limiting

Daily Quota

Fair Usage enforcement

Automatic bandwidth shaping

Port- based bandwidth policies

WAN aggregation and load balancing

  • Policy Management

Time-based access control

Dynamic speed allocation based on load

Auto sensing unfair usage practices

Contention ratio allocation

Group based policy enforcement

  • Hotspot Billing

Time and Date based billing plans

Tiered billing (Free + Paid)

Credit Card Integration

Access codes/ vouchers

PayPal Integration

Integration with leading PMS vendors

  • Compliance

Group based Content Filtering

P2P/ Torrent control

Web logging and tracking

Know- Your- Customer (KYC) enforcement

Errant user isolation

Integrates with a remote Syslog server

  • Captive Portals

Mobile friendly and fully customized

Supports all access methods

Social Media (Facebook) integration

SMS/ OTP authentication

On-board or external portal hosting

Simple template based designs

  • Reporting

Per user usage reports

Graphical usage of bandwidth usage

Network monitoring report

Detailed revenue reports

Summary report of system health

Diagnostic tools

  • AP Management

Auto-discover UniMax APs

AP provisioning

Centralized configuration management

24 x 7 AP monitoring

Outage Alerts


Models of UNIBOX


UNIMAX AP (Access Point)

Wifi-soft access point product suite includes several different hardware models to cater to varying need of the WiFi industry. E.g.: Wall Mount AP, Ceiling Mount AP, outdoor, 3G/4G capable AP’s. These Wifi access points are 0 configuration, plug-and-play gears and are directly monitored and managed from anywhere in the world via Wifi-soft’s hotspot management cloud interface or through UNIBOX Access Controller.

Support for captive portal and social login such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ authentication makes UniMax AP’s a very attractive solution for businesses interested in engaging their customers.

Wifi-soft’s UniMax AP’s are elegant, compact with internal, and external antennae’s and can be easily installed in walls, ceilings, and outdoor poles. All AP’s support PoE thus eliminates the need to install an external power supply.



  • Cloud Managed:

Manage APs from a single dashboard.

Configuration is automatically pushed to the AP’s.

  • Multiple SSID’s:

Multiple Wi-Fi networks to support different networking requirements.

Peer to peer isolation to support user’s privacy in the network.

  • VLAN Support:

SSID based VLAN tagging

Separate Guests and private Wi-Fi networks

  • Automatic Meshing:

High Performance, reliable connectivity, and swift deployment.

Available in both indoor, and outdoor AP models.

  • Superior Performance:

Automatic Channel selection for better performance.

Unwanted interface avoidance.

  • Access Control:

Per user based bandwidth throttling

Captive portal with RADIUS support.


Models of UniMax






WiFiLan is a cloud based, comprehensive hotspot management solution used for managing public access networks – both large and small – from a single console. It is designed especially for managing public Wi-Fi hotspots and incorporates all the features needed to centrally manage, monitor and operate remote hotspots.

WiFiLan is hardware neutral and works with all leading hotspot gateways/ controllers. It streamlines your network deployment, minimizes operational and customer acquisition cost and allows you to scale your hotspot business without having to worry about maintaining and managing IT infrastructure. It helps you to stay ahead of your competition by allowing you to focus on your time and efforts on acquiring new customers and providing quality support to your existing customers.

WiFiLan is deployed in a redundant and fail-safe architecture to ensure maximum up time and reliable service.



  • Centralized Administration:

Centrally manage your hotspots, end – users and billing data.

Generate consolidated revenue and usage reports

  • Customizations:

Integrate with a payment gateway of your choice.

Private label your captive portals

  • Reliable & Secure:

Failover server architecture.

Multiple firewalls and round-the-clock monitoring.

  • Scalable & Flexible:

Scalable architecture to manage thousands of hotspots.

Supports different business models – paid, free, upsell, tiered.

  • Cost Effective

Hosted and pay-as-you-go model

No upfront server hardware or software investment.


Other Features:

  • Authentication Services

Hosted, scalable, and redundant AAA servers

Supports all hotspot gateways

Centrally manage thousands of hotspots

Vendor-specific RADIUS attributes

MAC address authentication

Detailed accounting

BYOD support

Social Media (E.g. Facebook) integration

Hotspot surveys

  • Network Management & Monitoring

24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of Wi-Fi networks

SNMP based hotspot NMS

Real-time and historical monitoring graphs

UP/DOWN alerts via email or SMS

Repository for network information

Syslog and SNMP Traps handler

Site Maps

  • CRM Services

Integrated trouble ticket management

Customer self-care portals

Email announcements

Customizable email templates

FAQ management

Searchable knowledgebase

  • Reporting

Over 50 different reports

Hotspot usage and traffic data

Credit cards, prepaid, PMS revenue reports

Real-time NMS reports

Hotspot monitoring reports

Export reports in PDF and Excel format

  • Billing & Subscriber Management

Credit card based hotspot billing

Branded prepaid codes

PMS (Bill-To-Room) billing

Fully automated user provisioning

Customer self-care

Customizable billing plans

Tiered (free + paid) hotspot access

Branded invoices and email receipts

  • Additional Features

Approval based registration

Content Filtering Services

802.1 x based security

Access Control

Roaming with Boingo and iPass

API for third-party integration


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