How to create prepaid batch in UniBox?

UNIBOX allows the administrator to create new prepaid batch with Prepaid codes. A batch can have 1 or more prepaid codes.

When you select a group for prepaid batch, group constraints like control policy assigned to group, if any, will also get applied to all prepaid users under that batch.

Administrator can create two types of Prepaid codes -

  • Time Based: Each code has time restrictions.
  • Bandwidth Based: Each code has bandwidth restrictions.

For time based codes, the administrator can specify them as fixed time or time usage. For bandwidth the administrator can assign quota to each code and specify number of days within which the code must use the quota once activated.

All codes are activated when they are used for the first time.

In addition, administrator can also assign upload/download rate limits, session limits and client limits for each code.

To create prepaid batch in UNIBOX

  1. Open web browser. Type (gateway IP), or type name) and press Enter.
  2. UNIBOX Administration screen appears. Click Billing tab.
  3. Click New Prepaid Batch under Prepaid link. Billing:: New Prepaid Batch page appears.


Fields & Buttons


Prepaid Information

Prepaid Batch Name

Enter the name of the batch in the Prepaid Batch Name field. Eg. HotelParadise_Aug_2010

User Group

Select the group for the batch from the User Group drop down menu.

Number of Codes

Enter the number of codes in the batch in the Number of Codes field.

Per Code Amount (USD)

Enter the cost of each prepaid code in the Per Code Amount (USD) field.

Upload Speed

Enter the upload speed for the prepaid codes in the Upload Speed field.

Download Speed

Enter the download speed for the prepaid codes in the Download Speed field

Idle Timeout

Enter the time in Idle Timeout field. User sessions will be closed if it is idle for the given time.


Enter the maximum number of sessions allowed for the code in the Sessions field.


Enter the maximum number of machines who can use the code in the Clients field.


Usage Time


·         Valid for

Enter time duration for which the code is valid in the Valid for field.

·         Use for

Enter the total time for which the code can be used in the Use for field.

·         Between

Enter the dates between which the codes are valid in Between field.

Bandwidth Usage

Enter the bandwidth usage for each code and the time limit in the Bandwidth Usage field.


Click Submit to save the changes.

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