How to Trace Network (Detailed Information about Data which are streaming through the network)

UNIBOX enables you to capture detailed information about data that are streaming through the network.

To Trace Network

  1. Click the Tools tab.
  2. Click the Network Trace link (in the left pane) under Diagnostic Tools link. Tools :: Network Trace page appears.

Network Trace

Network Trace Table

Fields & Buttons


Interface to Trace

Select the interface to trace from the Interface to Trace drop down menu.


Enter the duration of interface to trace in seconds in Duration field.

Number Of Packets

Enter the number of packets which are received or sent, in the Number of Packets field.

Size Limit

Enter the size limit of the packets in the Size Limit field.


Enter a filter expression that controls which packets the trace captures in the Filters field.

Note: If you keep the Filters field blank, UNIBOX captures all packets.

Start Trace

Click the Start Trace button to start the network trace.

Export Network Trace

Click the Export Network Trace button to export the network trace results in pcap format, after getting a Successful Trace Complete message.


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