How to add, edit, and delete a SMS advertisement in UNIBOX?

To add a SMS advertisement

  1. Open web browser. Type (gateway IP), or type name) and press Enter.
  2. UNIBOX Administration screen appears. Click Authentication tab.
  3. Click New SMS Ad link (in the left pane) under SMS link. SMS:: New SMS Ad page will appear.

  4. Enter the advertisement name in the Ad Name field.

  5. Select the category of the advertisement from the Ad Category drop down menu.

  6. Enter the advertisement content in the Ad Content field.

  7. Click Submit, to save the changes.


To edit an SMS advertisement

  1. When you are under SMS link, click Manage Ads (in the left pane). Authentication:: Manage SMS Ads page will appear.

  2. Click the name of the SMS advertisement from the table of SMS Advertisements.

  3. Edit the details, and click Submit, to save the changes.


To delete a SMS advertisement

  1. When you are on the Authentication:: Manage SMS Ads page, click the check box for the advertisement you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete button. Click Ok in the delete confirmation pop up.
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