How to view Users Summary, and How to Import Users?

User Summary

WiFiLan provides admin to view, edit, and delete the number of users under a hotspot. Admin can view the location and the status of the users under the hotspot.

To view user summary

  1. Click the Users Summary tab under Users link (in the left pane). Users Summary page is displayed.

Users Summary

User Summary table

Fields and Buttons



Hotspot field displays the name of the hotspot (location) of the user.

City, State

City, State field displays the city, state of the location of the user.


Expired field displays if the users validity of internet access is expired.


Active field displays the number of users active under the hotspot.


Suspended field displays if the user is suspended from internet access.


Total field displays the total number of users under the hotspot.

Import User

To import user

  1. Click the Import Users tab under Users link (in the left pane). Import User Page will be displayed.

Import User

  2. Select the user group you want to import from the Select User Group drop down menu.
  3. Select the name of the vendor from the Select Vendor drop down menu.
  4. Click Select button to save the changes.


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