Admin- Monitoring Explained



To monitor device

  1. Click Authentication drop down link (in the left pane).
  2. Click Monitoring tab under Admin link (in the left pane). Administer Monitoring page is displayed.

Monitoring Information

Monitoring Information Table

Fields and Buttons


Default Monitor Type

Select protocol from the Default Monitor Type radio button. The options are:

·         Ping

·         HTTP

·         SNMP

Monitoring Interval

Select the monitoring interval for the device from the Monitoring Interval drop down menu. Or enter the time in minutes in the field beside. The time entered should be more than 10 minutes.

Master Notify Emails

Enter email address (in which the notification will be sent,) in the Master Notify Emails field.

Notify After

Enter the number of failures after which the notification is to be send.

Notify Frequency

Select the frequency of notification from the Notify Frequency Field. The options are:

·         Notify One Time

·         Notify Multiple Times

·         Do not Notify

Up Notify Template

Select a template when the device is up, from the Up Notify Template drop down menu.

Down Notify Template

Select a template when the device is down, from the Down Notify Template drop down menu.


Click Save button to save the changes.


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