WiFiLAN Advertisement overview

WiFiLAN provide an advertisement module for displaying ads while interacting with the captive portal. The ads are divided into three types -

Prelogin Ads: These ads are displayed before the captive portal is loaded. Both video or image ads can be displayed.

Postlogin Ads: These ads are displayed after successful authentication before the user goes online. Both video and image ads can be displayed

Banner Ads: These ads are displayed on the captive portal. Currently only image ads are supported.

All the ads can be uploaded in WiFiLAN and will be stored in WiFiLAN database. The advertisement module is responsible for displaying the ads based on the rules defined by the administrator. The ad module uses an algorithm to determine the next possible ads to be displayed. Users can specify the parameters that will influence the order and frequency of the ads.

To upload advertisements, you need to click on the Advertisement menu. 

Administrator can add, edit delete the advertisements on the portal page.

To add/edit or delete an advertisement, administrator has to follow the 4 steps:

  1. Add an ad.
  2. Add an ad group.
  3. Create an ad campaign
  4. Enable Pre-login, Post-Login, Banner Ads for existing portal page.


Advertisement Tags

Administrator can generate ad tags. Ad tags are the HTML tags which are inserted on a webpage for displaying the ads which are uploaded on the dashboard.

  • To know how to generate an ad tag click here


Administrator can view different types of ad reports.

  • To know how to view the ad reports click here


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