How to add a Cash Transaction

New Cash Transaction

To do a new cash transaction

  1. Click Billing drop down link (in the left pane).
  2. Click New Cash Transaction tab under Transactions link (in the left pane). Search Users page is displayed.

Search Users

  3. Select the criteria from the Field drop down menu.

  4. Enter the value of the transaction in the Value

  5. Select the user location from the User Location drop down menu.

  6. Click Search The records will be displayed below the page.

  7. Click the Username field record in the table. Transaction Information page is displayed.

 New Cash Transaction

New Cash Transaction Table

Fields & Buttons



Enter the name of the user in the Name field.


Enter the address of the user in the Address field.


Enter the city of the user in the City field.


Enter the state of the user in the State field.

Zip Code

Enter the zip code of the users address in the Zip Code field.


Select the country of the user from the Country drop down menu.

Reason/ Notes

Enter short description or reason of transaction in the Reason/ Notes field.

Payment Information

Cheque Number

Enter the cheque number in the Cheque Number field.

Plan/Amount (INR)

Select the plan from the Plan/Amount drop down menu.

Total Amount (INR)

Enter the total amount of the transaction in the Total Amount (INR) field.

Transaction Date

Select the transaction date from the calendar.

Adjust Billing Date

Select the Adjust Billing date check box to adjust the billing date.

Adjust By

Enter the number of units to adjust the billing date. And select the time from the drop down menu. The options are:

·         Year

·         Month

·         Week

·         day

Submit Transaction

Click the Submit Transaction button to save the changes.



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