How to do Device Configuration

To configure Device

  1. Click Network
  2. Click Configuration link (in the left pane) under Device Monitoring Network :: Configurations page appears.

Network Configuration

Network Configuration Table

Fields & Buttons


Monitoring Interval

Select the time interval for device monitoring from the Monitoring Interval drop down menu. The options are:

·         5 minutes

·         10 minutes

·         15 minutes

·         20 minutes

Notify After

Enter the number of times of failure for device monitoring in the Notify After field. Then you will receive the mail notification on the given E-mail address.

Notify Frequency

Select the notification frequency whether Once or Multiple times.

From Email

Enter the email address in From Email field from which the notifications will be sent.

Notify Email

Enter the email address in Notify Email field to which the notifications will be received.


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