How to import Users in UNIBOX?

How to import Users?

UNIBOX allows administrator to import list of users from specific file.

To import users

  1. Open web browser. Type (gateway IP), or type name) and press Enter.
  2. UNIBOX Administration screen appears. Click Authentication tab.
  3. Click the Import Users link (in the left pane) under Users link. Authentication:: Import Users page appears.

Import Users

  4. Select the group under which user have to be imported from the User Group drop down menu.

  5. Click Browse button, and select the file in CSV format to be imported. In Excel sheet the format should be like this:

Username, Password, Fullname, MAC Address, Framed IP Address, Email, Address, City, State, Zipcode, Country, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Expiry Date (in any valid date format, preferably dd-mm-yyyy), Session Timeout (in seconds), Concurrency Limit, Idle Timeout (in seconds), Download Rate (in Kbps), Upload Rate (in Kbps), Daily Download Quota (in KB), Daily Upload Quota (in KB), Daily Time Usage Quota (in seconds), Sessions per Day, Usage Quota (in KB)

  6. Click Submit button to save the changes.

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