How to view List SMS Gateways


WiFiLan provides administrator to send SMS to the users for authentication. Administrator can configure the SMS gateway with WiFiLan.

List SMS Gateway

To view list SMS gateways

  1. Click SMS drop down menu link (in the left pane).
  2. Click List SMS Gateway tab under Gateway link (in the left pane). List SMS Gateway page will appear.

List SMS Gateway

List SMS Gateway Table

Fields & Buttons


SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway field displays the name of the SMS gateway.


API ID field displays the unique API ID of the SMS gateway.

API Username

API Username field displays the username of the API of the SMS gateway.

API Password

API Password field displays the password of the API of the SMS gateway.

Source Address

Source Address field displays the address of the SMS gateway.

Sender Name

Sender Name field displays the name of the user.

Twilio Number

Twilio Number field displays the unique Twilio number (If the user has a Twilio SMS gateway).

SMS Template

SMS Template field displays the default SMS template.

Location Name

Location Name field displays the name of the location of the SMS gateway.


Operations field displays:

·         Click on blue edit button. Edit SMS Gateway page will be displayed. Make the necessary changes.

·         Click on red delete button in the Operations column. Delete Confirmation pop up will appear. Click Delete.


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