How to view Venue Dashboard accounts?

List Venue Dashboard Accounts

WiFiLan provides admin to view the list of viewer accounts defined in the system. Viewer account is used for viewing venue dashboard for specific location. The venue dashboard displays various reports specific for a location/hotspot. 

A viewer account is generally used by users outside the organisation to view a subset of WiFiLAN data. The subset includes reports and statistics for users and devices. Each viewer can be associated with a location. When viewer is associated with a location, then the Location column in the table will display the name of the location. If not, then viewer can view the data from all the locations.

To view list viewer accounts

  1. Click Admin drop down menu. (in the left pane).
  2. Click the List Viewers tab under Accounts link (in the left pane). Viewer List page will appear.

List Viewers

List Viewers Table

Fields & Buttons



Account Name

Account Name field displays the account name of the viewer.


User Name

User Name field displays the username of the viewer.



Email field displays the email address of the viewer.


Allow Edit

Allow Edit field displays if the viewer is allowed to edit the data.



Operations field displays

·         Click the grey button to view the details of the viewer.

·         Click the blue button to edit the details of the viewer.

·         Click the red button to delete the viewer.


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