How to set Static IP and Configure BYOD Section in Unibox ?

1) Go to Network - > Port -> Bridge -> Enable Static IP (check mark yes Radio Button) there reserve the static pool (e.g - your UNIBOX LAN IP ( so from - you can reserve these ip pool for AP. (Start Static ip -, CIDR /29 i.e (Modify the CIDR value according to your need)) Save the Setting by clicking on Submit.

2)Now on Dashboard under Network you have the option DHCP, click there and enable the Advanced Configuration - > IP Pool Start * (Here you have to enter the ip address excluding the reserved IP (e.g; your end static IP is from above example ). So give there and IP Pool End * according to ( IP Pool Size: <=Value) given there, the n Submit the setting.

3)Go to Authentication - > Users - > Click on New user - > create new user make sure not to apply any restriction on it and the group also without any restriction(for that you can create any group with blank Field*(No Restriction, applied on user setting too )) click on Submit.

4) Click on List Users - > there you have to select your Created User - > On the left hand side select the Last option named ADD BYOD - > click on it, here you will get the option to add Mac Address* and Framed IP address from your Static pool(* -> you will get the Mac address of all your Access Point from Tools - > Diagnostics Tool - > Force Authenticate).

Note* - 1) You can add as number of BYOD device with framed IP and Mac address on single User. (so, don't get confused in creating as many user for individual AP Mac address.)

2) Don't forgot to restart your controller for fresh IP Lease. ( Authentication - Profile - Click on No Authentication - and again select Local Authentication, this way your all IP of device get refreshed ).

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