Configure Social Media Login

This article shows the steps to setup social media logins like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc for analytics on portal.

Fields Description
Social Media Type

 Select Type for which configuration will be created.

Client ID Client ID/Oauth ID for selected social Media. For more info browse 'How     To' links on the page below
Client Secret

Client Secret/oAuth Secret for selected Social Media. For ore info browse

 'How To' files.

This page allows administrators to create new social media entry. Administrator can specify credentials for social media such as client Id, client secret after selecting social media type.
Social media feature may need templogin user. Please create a templogin user with username as
'templogin' and password as 'templogin123' if it is not created already.

Step 1 - Navigate to Authentication>>External Service>>Social Media




Step 2 - Navigate to Authentication>>Portal & set a “social media based portal”.
              Apply the Portal, and test working.


























































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