How to setup Hotspot Controller

Step 1 - Navigate to Authentication>>Controller

Step 2 - Click on ‘+’ icon.




1. Enter Controller Name.
2. Select LAN profile from drop-down list.
3. Choose the Authentication mode – local or remote.
4. Enter Interim Interval and realm.
5. Select the checkbox if you required auto-login and is active.
6. Click on Save button.

Fields  Description
Profile Name Name of the controller profile.
LAN Profile Select the LAN Profile associated with the controller
Authentication Mode Select the authentication mode (Local, Remote). In local
authentication mode, the user authentication happens
locally while in remote, external authentication service is
Primary Radius Server For remote mode, Enter Primary Radius Server.
Secondary Radius Server For remote mode, Enter the Secondary Radius Server
Radius Secret  For remote mode, Enter the Radius Secret
NAS ID For remote mode, Enter the NAS ID
Authentication Port For remote mode, Enter the Authentication Port. default:
Accounting Port For remote mode, Enter the Accounting Port. default:
Interim Inerval For remote mode, Enter the Interim Interval.
Realm Enter the Realm or suffix for the username. All
username will have the realm appended
Autologin If checked, the auth service will enable MAC login.
IS active To activate the profile, check this option.















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