Adding Passthrough URLs

This document entails steps to add passthrough URLs in Unibox 3.1

Step 1 - Navigate to Authentication>>Passthrough

Step 2 - Click on '+' symbol at the top right corner.


Step 3 - A popup will appear for adding new passthrough.


Step 4 - Select the controller profile to which the passthrough needs to be applied(LAN in fig.) Add                    the passthrough URLand description to passthrough URL in the fields provided. Click on                       Save  button to save the configurations.


Step 5 - The pass through URL has been added as can be seen in the figure below.You will be                     prompted with “Apply Configuration changes” on the top right side.Click on it to apply                      the fresh changes of the passthrough URL.


Step 6 - A popup will appear to apply the new configuration.Select “Apply new configuration”                   and click on Save.


Step 7 -  Wait for the configurations to be applied.


Step 8 - After the configurations are applied you will be able to see the desired passsthrough URL               added in the list as can be seen from the image.

































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