What is Force Authentication

This article describes what is force authentication and where it can be used. 

This tool allows an admin to authorize a user without the user needing to authenticate using the login page or captive portal.

The admin can also search a specific MAC address or IP address in the list. The ‘State’ column indicates whether a user has authenticated successful in the system or not. The ‘State’ column also allows an admin to authenticate or logout DHCP lease using ‘Authenticate’ button or ‘Logout’ button.

For Authenticate and logout the User 

Step 1 - Tools>>Diagnostic Tools>>Force authenticate

For Auhenticate the Users

Step 2 - If user state is showing as Authenticate then click on authenticate option .User will be authenticated and get internet access

For Logout the User

Step 3 - If user state is showing as Logout then click on Logout option.User will be logout and disconnected from unibox network.


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