Configure Virtual Interface

The admin can assign the interface to either LAN or WAN profile.The admin can also enable VLAN tagging by enabling the VLAN profile and select VLAN profile from the list in the drop-down menu.

Step 1 - Navigate to NETWORK

Step 2  - Click on INTERFACES

Step 3 - Click on the configure symbol(indicated by RED circle) under OPERATIONS column

Step 4 - Fill the form using following descriptions in table.

Step 5 - Click on SAVE button




Fields Description
Interface Name

Name of the network interface. This field is non-editable.

Interface Type

Select whether the interface type is WAN or LAN.

Network Profile

Select the LAN or WAN profile to associate with the interface.


If enabled, the interface will tag the traffic with the assigned VLAN tag.

VLAN Profile

Select the VLAN profile from the list.





















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