Setup IP Routes


The administrators to add a new IP route to Unibox. The IP route will decide how the packets are routed from Unibox to the other hosts or networks.

The IP route can define for a specific host or a network. If defined for specific host, then Unibox will use the specific rule to route the IP packets to that host. This rule will override the default route assigned to Unibox. 

Step 1- Click on IP route under Network tab

Step 2 - Click on '+' icon

Step 3 - Enter Name, Gateway IP, Destination subnet, subnet mask and metric.

Step 4 - Select the Interface from drop down list

Step 5 - Click on save button to save configurations


Fields  Description

Name of the IP route rule.


WAN or LAN interface on which the rule will be applied.

Destination IP

Enter the final destination. If the type is host, then destination is specific IP of host or else the netmask and destination will determine the destination network.


Enter the subnet mask for the destination IP.

Gateway IP

The IP address of the gateway to which the next hop for reaching the destination.


Cost of the path of the destination. Cost is based on various factors like Bandwidth, No. Of Hops, etc.



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