Setup Device Monitoring

How to setup device monitoring

This page allows administrators to configure a new device for monitoring. If Unibox is used
within a wireless network, then administrators can configure the devices in Unibox for
monitoring. Unibox will check the status of all devices periodically and will send email alerts if
any of them are down. UniBox can monitor devices both on LAN and WAN side. LAN side
devices are monitored using their MAC address while the WAN side require the IP addresses.

A. NMS configuration - This page allows admins to select the default notification settings
for all the monitored devices. If multiple monitoring devices are added, it is advisable to
set the default monitoring settings before adding the devices. This will ease the job of
configuring the notification settings for each device.

B. Add Device - To add new monitor device, click on the Add new monitor device option.
Enter the necessary fields to configure the device. Monitoring should be enabled for
Unibox to check the status of the device.
Unibox runs a monitoring process that will periodically check status of all access points.
Administrators can configure one or more email addresses for notifications.

A. NMS configuration:

1. Click on Monitoring under Network tab.
2. Click on Configuration Icon .
3. Fill the form.


  • Monitoring - Interval The interval for monitoring the device
  • Notify After Failure - Send notification only after the device is detected down after given tries.
  • Notify Frequency - Indicates whether the notification is sent once or multiple times.
  • From Email - Email addresses from which the notification will be sent.
  • Notify Email - Email addresses to which the notification will be sent.

4. Click on Submit button.

B. Add Device:
1. Click on icon.
2. Fill the form.


Device Name 

The name of the device to be monitored. Enter the name
that will help you identify the device.
Device type Select the device type (Remote/Local). For remote devices, you need to enter the public IP address. For local monitoring, the MAC address of the device is
IP Address The public IP address of the remote device to be
MAC Address The MAC address of the local device to be monitored.
Enable Monitoring If checked, the device will be monitored.


3. Click on submit button.

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