How to setup reseller account?

Step 1 - Login with Customer credentials

Step 2 - Navigate to Reseller management>>Resellers

Step 3 - Navigate to New Reseller to create new reseller account into Wios.




Fields and Buttons Description
User Name Enter the name of User
Password Enter the Password and confirm password
Reseller Name Enter name of your Reseller
Email Enter email id of reseller. It should not be repeated
Address Enter the address of reseller
Work phone Enter the contact no. of reseller 
Credit Conversion Rate Assign the credit conversion rate for the Reseller
Voucher Scope Select the scope of voucher as Global or Local
Available Network Select the network from available networks under which you want to create the reseller account
Submit Click Submit button to save the changes


Step 4 - While Creating Reseller account an Admin can change the access controls for different

             features in Wios as Full control,Edit,Read only,Hidden




Step 5 - To view the entry of created reseller account , navigate to List Resellers to view the entry

             of created reseller account.




 Step 6 - Navigate to Wios Administration page to login as a Reseller into Wios.



Fields and Buttons Description
User Name Enter the User name of reseller
password Enter the password
Capcha code Enter the capcha code given below
Login Click Login button to login as a Reseller


Step 7 - Reseller cannot create its own network. Customer’s networks are assigned to Reseller.























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