Configuring Content/Web Filtering on your network

Step 1 - To configure CF Profile to your network, navigate to Network Managment>>Profiles>>CF>>Active CF Profile>>Apply CF Profile

CF Profiles:

mceclip0.pngActive CF:



Step 2 - After clicking on Apply CF Profile, you will be redirected to Apply CF Profile page, fill all/required information and click on Apply, selected CF Profile will be configured on selected Network

Field Description
CF Profile Select CF Profile that you want to apply
Description Brief information about CF Profile
Networks Select Network on which you want to apply CF Profile
URL Logging Enable this to start accounting of URLs that user hits and related data to it



Step 3 - Configured CF Profile to network can be seen in Network Managment>>Profiles>>CF>>Active CF Profile



Step 4 - We also need to Enable Content/Web filtering from Network Managment>>Profiles>>Device>>Configure>>Web Filtering


Note - For the profile to take effect, make sure to configure DNS on your AP(s) as follows:

Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :

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