Uploading image or video advertisement

Step 1 - Login with Customer credentials

Step 2 - To create Ad navigate to Monetization>>Portal Ads>>New Ad, fill data in all/required fields, after clicking on Submit Ad will be configured

Field Description
Ad Name Give appropriate name to Ad
Category Select or add new Ad category for your Ad
Destination Link User will be redirected to this link after authentication
Ad Weight Ad weight defines the priority to Ad, Higher weight gives high priority to the ad
Display Days Ad will be displayed on selected days
Display Hours Ad will be displayed on selected hours
Total Impressions Total Impressions define how many times Ad will display
CPC Cost per click
CPM Cost per 1000 impressions
Gender Ad will be displayed only to selected gender
Age Group Ad will be displayed only to defined age group
Ad Type Select appropriate Ad type as per image or video Ad
Ad File Upload Image/Video file to be displayed as a Ad
Status Select Active status 




Step 3 - Configured ads will be visible in Monetization>>Portal Ads>>List Ads



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