Online billing setup

Step 1 - Login with Customer credentials

Step 2 - Navigate to Admin>>Payment Gateway>>Configure Payment Gateway

Step 3 - To configure Payment gateway you need to select Type of payment gateway from drop down list and enter their credientials like Public key, secret key and correct Curency Code. Enable Test mode and Active flag. Click on Save button


Fields and Buttons Description
Type select type of Payment Gateway from drop down list
Public Key  
Secret Key Shared secret between gateway and RADIUS server. You need to add the secret to the gateway. The secret is used to encrypt the communication between gateway and RADIUS server. You need to copy the shared secret and enter it in the RADIUS settings of the gateway.
Currency Code Select desired currency from drop down list
Test Mode Check this box to make the test mode active.
Active Check this box to make Payment Gateway active.
Save Click on save

Step 4
 - Navigate to Network Management >>Networks Click on Edit icon to add passthrough domains.



Step 5 - Navigate to Radius configuration and enter passthrough domains of configured payment gateway. Click on Submit button.




Step 6 - Connect to Concern SSID and you will navigate to Pop up portal. Select paid portal. Click on New Account to create new user



Step 7 - Fill the signup form. Enter details to create new user by selecting respective plan. And click on Submit



Step 8 - After creating new user account , User will redirect to Stripe. Enter card details for test account and click on Pay.



Step 9 - Click on Go online button to get internet access. This portal shows details of the plan selected by user.



Step 10 - Navigate to Authentication>>Users>>List Users The user that goes online through Paid portal and make payment through different payment gateways has User Type as Paid user.



Step 11 - Navigate to Reports>>Billing>>Revenue. Select Report type as Online Transaction Details and click on submit button to view the details of Paid user.



Step 12 – You will get the mail of Transaction Invoice for successful transaction, that mail includes Order amount, Payment ID, Payment Date and Time.



Step 13 - Along with transaction invoice you will get the email of Successful registration. To get this email of successful registration you need to Enable Email alerts and notification of that concern template.


















































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