Adding UniMax AP

Once you have configure the device and WLAN profile, you are ready to add access points to your network. A network may consist of one or more access points. You can add each access point to the network and select any device and WLAN profile you wish for the AP. 

To add access point to your network, you need to click on Network option under Network Management and navigate to the Access Points tab. Click on the + sign in the top-right corner of the Access Point page.


The form should be filled out as follows:

Fields and Buttons Description
AP Name

 A friendly name for the access point. We recommend giving a name that helps you identify the access point easily. e.g. First Floor AP

Access Point Model Select the model of the access point. The model number will be displayed on the backside of the AP. The corresponding model image will on the right when you select the model from the drop-down list
MAC Address Enter the MAC address listed on the backside of the access point. Please enter the MAC address using colon as separator without spaces
Network Name Select the network to which this AP will belong. The AP will appear below this network.
Device Profile Select the device profile for the access point. 
WLAN Profile Select the WLAN profile for the access point. The access point will broadcast the SSIDs that belong to the WLAN profile
AP Location Tag Enter a short string where the AP is installed. e.g. Floor Floor


Each line displays the AP information along with the current status of the AP. The first column displays the image (model) of the AP being managed. The name of the AP, Name of Network, firmware version, private IP and MAC address of the AP are also displayed. The table also displays the number of clients connected to each AP along with the channel information for both 2.4 and 5 GHz radios. It also displays the status and the network name of the AP. The last column, i.e., the ‘Operation’ column, allows an admin to configure or delete the AP from the AP List.

To configure Access Point Click on Configure Icon


To view configured Access Point details click on AP details Icon




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