Creating WLAN Profile

An admin is provided the facility to create new WLAN Profile. The WLAN profile will be applied while creating new Access point under Network.

WLAN Profile defines settings that will be configured on the Wifisoft UniMax access points. It defines settings like configuration of SSID and Security, 802.x settings and other services likes Fast Roaming and SD-WAN services.

You need to add a WLAN profile for the network if you haven't defined any or use an existing one. The WLAN profile will help you configure the device settings like SSID, Security, Fast roaming, etc. Each access point will be associated with a WLAN profile and it will use the settings to configure itself. If you wish to reuse an existing profile, then you don't need to create a new one.

To add new WLAN profile, click on Profile section under Network Management. On WLAN Profile tab, click on the + icon on the right corner. A popup will appear as shown below.


mceclip2.pngTo add new WLAN profile you need to select the Auth group. To view WLAN Profile list Select WLAN tab

To configure WLAN profile and to create SSID click on View SSID icon.

Once the WLAN profile is added, you need to add SSIDs to the profile. To add SSIDs, you need to go to the List WLAN profile page and click on the View SSID icon for the given WLAN profile.


Click on the + icon to add a new SSID. A new page appears to add SSID details as shown below.




Enter the SSID name. If you want to enable hotspot, you can set the Security option to Open SSID or you can password protect it using WPA2-PSK security key. 

Max Client settings will control number of devices on each band. Broadcasting band will decide which radios will broadcast the SSID. Lastly you need to check the "Enable Hotspot" option to enable the hotspot operation on the AP. Leave the other settings to default since they are not applicable for hotspot mode.

You may add multiple SSIDs but only one SSID can be used in hotspot mode. 

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