Is my data safe on WiOS Cloud ?

We understand that you will be concerned about the data residing in the Cloud. 

We have been providing these services for last 15 years to customers over 50 countries. We are fully committed to keeping your data safe, secure and private. Our privacy policy clearly highlights the principles that we abide while handling your data.

By default, all your data resides on our Cloud servers hosted in US data centers. If you have opted for private hosting or servers hosted in other geographies, then the data will reside on the servers hosted in the respective countries. Nonetheless, the data is stored in secure databases on these servers which are protected through multiple layers of security. None of the database servers are directly accessible to the end users and they are only accessed from our application servers. All our servers run behind a secure firewall to detect and prevent cyber attack or malicious users from accessing them.

Our IT team constantly monitors the health status of the servers and ensures that the servers remain safe and secure.

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