Managing users

This page display the all users  configured in the WiOS. We can see the user creation step by step how it work.

Step 1 - To create Admin created user, login with Customer credentials

Step 2 - Navigate to Authentication>>Users>>New User

Step 3 - Add all/required details and Click on Submit. Login Policy and Network will be assigned at the time of User Creation

Field Description
Username Username for user
Password Password for user authentication
Re-Type Password Re-enter password
Policy Select appropriate login policy for user, restrictions will be applied to user based on selected policy
Network Network under which you want to add user
Restrict user to this network Enable this flag to restrict user only to currently selected network
Full Name Full name of user
Email Email id of the user
Address Address of user
City City in which user reside 
State State in which user reside 
Zipcode Zip code of user address
Age Age of user
Gender Gender of user
Country Country of user
Phone Number Phone number of user




Step 4 - Navigate to Authentication>>Users>>List Users to see list of users



Step 5 - After user going online the online user will be indicated by Green Spot


You can edit every user and you can update it with policy,password and Network.


You can delete user by clicking on delete button.Also You can delete multiple users by selecting check boxes and delete button showing right side.



Note – This is one of user type which is known as Admin created user. In WiOS there are different types of users like

a. Voucher User

b. SMS User

c. LDAP User

d. External User

e. Social Media User

f. Free User

g.Admin created User



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